Who Am I and Where Will I Meet You?


My pure intention is to create an intimate haven for you, a safe place and of innocence, for you to breathe deeply and for you to fine tune with your body and speak your truth; for you to feel held in and for you to surrender into the discomfort of vulnerability. Vulnerability softens, or melts away, the physiological blockages that enable you to fully embody the experiences that are shaped with uncertainty: Self-Love; Self-Trust; Belonging; Happiness; Creativity. My physically trained Embodied Self can naturally surrender with deep reverence to your Divine Feminine and anchor you with my Divine Masculine integrity, empathy, and loving presence. I feel the deepest connected when embodying and reflecting these qualities in order to facilitate you to enter a Deep Feminine space whereby you feel protected, witnessed and affirmed. In the lovely words of my colleague Naz (not a testimonial to my work/person): 


Sue, Journalist, 46

I have about twenty years of training and cumulative expertise in Embodiment practices, physically assimilated through the dance, acting, voice and improvisation art forms. In particular, Committed Impulse acting training with Josh Pais has provided me with invaluable tools in the mind-the-body integrative art of being fully present and alive in my body while listening and assisting the Other get back into her body and reclaim her true Intimate Self.


From my biased viewpoint the practitioner's own embodiment process is the fundamental stepping stone and the ongoing solid ground of the mindful exploration I am offering here. For an Embodied Practitioner like me it becomes second nature to be relaxedly aware of what is going on with me moment to moment and thus be able to hold safe space for my beneficiary. It is then out of this core skill that trust and compassion are conveyed and inspired interventions are communicated to the recipient either physically or verbally.


'Safe' in this context also means that I'm a coach, facilitator or a bodyworker and not someone that has a literal attachment or an agenda like a partner would have. As there are no expectations from my part you are totally free to deeply relax and expand into your pleasure or experience without being worried with what I might be feeling - as you would with a partner - because I am serving you and definitely I am not serving myself. Yes, I am trained professional.


Although I am a Sacred Intimate that is on principle wide open to help you explore your sexuality within a safe container, including very, very carefully thought through and boundaries-dependent sexual surrogacy (without the involvement of a third-party therapist), I don't really see myself as a kind of one-off replacement for a lover, partner, boyfriend or husband. This means that I am not a sexual services' worker, an escort, a car mechanic, a latin lover or anyone else you might project onto me.


What Makes a Practitioner Safe?


What makes me qualified or gives me the special abilities to give such delicate experience? In a nutshell, a purity of intention and an inner strength of will and vulnerability; an intrinsic quality that translates into an immense reverence, heart connection and empathy towards the Sacred Intimate Self.


What also makes it safe and ethical is that I am accountable for my work. In addition, I am very pleased to have been and continue to be in one-to-one professional therapy, supervision and mentoring with the cream of the crop in this field of work.


Finally, daily practices in Embodiment, Yoga, Meditation, Qigong, Tantra and TRE also provide me with the required qualities of inner balance and calm to be able to carry out this work: to simply hold clear space, to be present and to serve you by consciously touching your sacred body in an egoless, goalless and loving way, and always with your ongoing and explicit consent.

I am a professional member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS), Somatic Intimacy Coach & Sacred Intimate variants, and I follow their Ethical Codes of Practice, e.g., your confidentiality and privacy are preserved. I am also fully insured in the modalities I practise with.


What Am I and What are my Ethics?

gallery/asis prof member

My Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine inner polarity is quite balanced hence it puts me in a great place to work with a person of any gender or sexual identity. Still I have the need to say that I am not a gay man because I don't want anyone coming to me on account of my sexual orientation. Like I said, the Goddess Divinity - a metaphor for the Sacred Intimate Self - lives in all of us. So if you are a guy, can you imagine how liberating, nourishing and healing it could be to surrender your vulnerability to another man?


After all, in your mind's eye, men and women alike, it is likely that you will see me as a representation of the Masculine that exists in so many real life figures known to you: father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, husband, boyfriend, lover, partner, teacher, student, boss, colleague, judge, lawyer, policeman, offender, politician/performance artist, churchman, spiritual leader, banker, mortgage advisor, real estate agent, salesman, call-centre guy, IT guy, engineer, builder, plumber, chef, waiter, footballer, referee, postman, etc, etc...


How many of us have been wounded by the Masculine in this pushingly, and often, invasively forceful, patriarchal driven, fast and furious, lying and manipulating, dominating culture and society of ours?


For further details or to book a Goddess Honouring Experience session please follow to GHE Terms & Fees.


Here is an object of creative self-expression that I researched on the Web on how an Embodied Relationship (so I say) within a professional setting, between a music producer and a music singer and lyricist artist (Gossling), can physically and emotionally translate the feeling state of anxiety into a song (Pulse) of self-acceptance, endearment and hope.


Here are amongst many other my about five-year ongoing training:


  • Committed Impulse acting training with Josh Pais;​


  • ​Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) Module 1 course with Steve Haines;


  • Like a Pro training programme (based on The Wheel of Consent model of touch) with Dr. Betty Martin;


  • Foundation in Advanced Clinical Massage, Structural Fascial Bodywork & Hip and Pelvis courses at Jing Advanced Massage Training;


  • Mystic Tantra Massage Training, comprising 75 hours of theory and practise in the Taoist Tantra Massage and Kashmiri Tantra Massage methods with Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, Dhyan Niten and Nisarga Dobosz;

  • Chakra Therapy (aka Body-Mind Integration) levels 1 & 2 with Anodea Judith; Chakra Therapy is the art of conducting body-orientated psychotherapy, using cognitive, somatic, and energetic tools and techniques for integrated healing in the body, mind, spirit;


  • Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management (STREAM), a four-day intensive training in working with scar tissue, inflammation and trauma with Ellen Heed and Kimberly Johnson;


  • Tantra Massage Professional Training with John Hawken & Judith Antell;


  • Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling with Deej Juventin;


  • Somatic Experiencing (body-orientated approach to the Healing of Trauma and other Stress Disorders) - Advanced Trainee (Current);


  • Bodynamic (Somatic Developmental Pshychology and Psychotherapy) - Foundation Year (Current);

In all honesty, there isn’t really and there will never be any workshop or course I’ll do that will fully certify or qualify me to do this work. It will always be an everlasting process to happen in each of The Goddess Honouring Experience sessions I’ll give. Only the women and men I’ll be blessed to have worked with will be able to speak in the name of the physical and emotional reality they’ve experienced in their bodies and sanction the validity and purpose of my Sacred Intimacy bodywork, as all the testimonials contained in this site substantiate. I'm forever grateful to all these beautiful Goddesses.

Stella Anna Sonnenbaum, Somatic Sexologist


What Do I Represent to You?

In the last five years I have been in a transformational personal journey that has made me come to terms and fully embrace who I am in finer essence: a heart-centred Sacred Intimate. It is within this psyche that I want to meet you, in a balanced place of empathy and harmony, whereby I am completely intimate and at the same time I am completely universal. A sacred place where there isn’t anywhere I could touch in your body that wouldn’t be true to your Intimate Self.