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Mindful Embodiment of the Intimate Self

for Integrated Transformation & Emotional Healing


with Fernando Kalliope



Angela, Student, 41





Mindful Embodiment is for you who wants to sing a song of revelation and liberation to the Intimate Self, saying that you hold the key to your:


- Transformation: by shining a diamond light on, melting your body armour and befriending all the emotions or demons you may only want to see in the ways their wind lies: as a windfall of negative forces that frustrate you from setting sail across the sea, whether they clutch to your body's tissues free flow of movement, whether they cling to every beat of your heart, in the revolving forms of angst, anger, attachment, blame, grief, guilt, hurt, hate, illusion, lies, regret, resentment, shame, sorrow or fear;


by using at present the sword of self-knowledge (or of acknowledging) to slash to pieces all that past derived self-negative talk of the egocentrically illusioned mind:  

"I am not good enough"; "I don't have the right to (be here)"; "I don't deserve to have (...)"; "I am all alone in this world"; "I don't feel safe here (in my body)"; "I hate my body"; "I don't like the way my sex/chest looks"; "I am not attractive (enough)"; "I am hysterical"; "I am fearful (of sex)"; "I am not sexual"; "I am a promiscuous"; "I feel numb"; "I am cold"; "I feel powerless"; "I am a sad person"; "I don't have the will to be what I want to be"; "I can't do anything (right)"; "I am not worthy (of love)"; "I don't love anyone"; "I can't find anyone that will love me as I am"; "I am jealous"; "I am weak"; "I am selfish"; "I have no voice"; "I can't sing"; "I don't listen"; "I am not creative"; "I can't understand"; "I am not smart/wise"; "I am not open to new things"; "I don't believe (in myself)"; "I believe there is something wrong with me";


It is for you who holds the key to be what you want to be, who wants to shine a light on past derived negativity so that it can be dismantled from within the body memories of the present and restored into new beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future.


Healing: by giving yourself to your Intimate Self; by coming down to earth; by giving green light to setting up your boundaries; by seeking and deeply surrendering to your body's pleasures; by fully committing to the pulses of your heart's desires; by making love and becoming love; by embracing your self-generated empathy, compassion and forgiveness; by unearthing and speaking out the resources and creative purposes within; by giving yourself up to your Authentic Embodied Self, so that you'd never be apart, disengaged or dissociated from your body & soul in its purest nature;


It is for you that holds the key to discovering your Authentic Embodied Self: you that wants to own your body, you that wants to embrace your power and you that wants to give voice and action to your power as a deep form of self-healing.

The Body-Mind Honouring Experience is a physically driven practice in the diverse field of Somatic Sexology. But I would rather classify it as Somatic Intimacy Coaching. There is no full nudity or sexual touch in this practice. My observation is that Somatic Intimacy advanced work is not only about where we could maybe touch on our body to arouse curiosity, sensation, pleasure and awareness. The heart of Somatic Intimacy learning is about inviting the Intimate Self to proactive involvement, in bringing forward both body awareness and mind cognition to what the Intention or desire is or wants to become, so that the process of Embodiment of the Self is as a matter of fact Mindful - it contracts and expands gradually, at the friendly breathing rhythm of the soul  - and doesn't unintentionally hurtle through the receiver's Boundaries. These are the physical and/or behavioural development edges we all have, the frontier between what is within our current knowledge, ability and strength and what is immediately outside, the wild and challenging realm of the senses that is unknown to us.


Boundaries are a dynamic mesh of fine lines that draw upon our interior landscape of casted and interwoven shades: from brightly encouraging ourselves to go beyond the limits our mind is dictating to us; to surfing on the shiningly crisp crest of our development waves; to crossing through to the dark valley of shadows by giving ourselves away without the permission of the Self, either by falling servant to doing stuff in order to please others or our ego, without attending to our feelings, or by falling victim to allow others to do as they please, without being listened to and honoured in our feelings. 

It works by increasing the level of Intimacy of the Self while staying connected inside and in Embodied Relationship with the outside world. As you give yourself time and permission to share your internal process with the Other, e.g., by eye-gazing (or by Embodied Touch), as the level of intimacy increases, so does the capacity for feeling sensations in your body: your sense of Self strengthens and your cognitive ability to ask for what you want or desire gets an empowerment boost. Empowering the body to speak its mind is the ability to feel while listening, thinking and talking in regards to the Self and to the Other. Embodied Speech is thus the ability to speak your truth directly from your own bodily experiences as you feel each experience moment by moment.


In this day and age, the disembodied screen culture of instant gratifications tend to dishearten our might to slowly relish the feast of our sensual and spiritual worlds. More so, our excessive use of screen verbal short-cuts cultivates us to short-circuit our speech. As part of a complex result, our innate ability to feel in free flow gets cut short or stuck in our body and the voice to express our heart's desires is muted.


But to desire it is imperative to feel. To feel is to open up to vulnerability. To open up to feeling vulnerable may be perceived in our pervasively miseducated culture as to be weak or selfish. To want or desire something questions our sense of independency and opens the flood gates of shaming and wounding. To not get what we desire is hurtful hence we start embodying self limiting beliefs that hold us back from feeling our body sensations, our body pleasure and speaking out our heart's desires. As a consequence, our life flow or life force gets frozen when our heart is not open to speak out loud our intimate truth.


Whether you are a woman or a man, The Body-Mind Honouring Experience is for you that wants to discover that it might happen that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you or that needs fixing. It is for you who wants to be motivated and challenged to go on an experiential journey of mindful self-discovery across the heartland of the unknown. It is for you that wants to embody your most vulnerable self while allowing an embodied and trusted professional to facilitate, witness, honour and hold your most Intimate Self.


Disclaimer: this practise is definitely NOT for you that wants to work through deeply embedded emotional issues and/or traumas and/or addictions. That is not to say that I wouldn't be able to cope and hold your process safe, that is to say you would be beforehand assessed and most likely recommended to a qualified professional specialised in those conditions, e.g., a Body-Mind Psychotherapy or a Somatic Experiencing therapist.

The latter is the shadow description of us Giving beyond our boundaries, and if it is taken from us without our consent then it is abuse. It is very difficult to go against what you think is expected of you to give because you want to feel accepted, appreciated and, ultimately, you want to feel loved. A powerful way to create agreement or consent around how much you give is to learn to receive Embodied Touch.


But firstly, it will help you a whole lot to physically train to integrate mind and body, by letting yourself feel whatever you are feeling in your body while staying committed in your intention and attuned in your communication. Mindful Embodiment enables you to restore a feeling of flow - being - and your actions - doing - come out of this flow of life other than from the fleeing need to do something in order to avoid what you're fully experiencing, e.g., craving of food when your body is not hungry. This process of body flowing and body talking helps you to set or reset your boundaries by allowing you to respect your ever changeable state of being in the here and now. It is a gateway to your freedom within, creativity, intuition, choice and self-expression. The Body-Mind Honouring Experience aims at being a self-regulating bodily driven experiential practise that builds up your manageable and resourceful Integrated Self and opens up your heartland to Emotional Healing.

- Enlightenment: at the point where mind is connected to body and the dynamic flow of life runs throughout the whole being, you might also be led through the gates of a timeless space and uplifted via a journey of a superlative dimension: this is paradoxically when you let go of the attachment to the body and transcend toward an abstract universe of unparalleled freedom and expanded consciousness. This is the journey of the spirit: the eternal I AM that transcends the realm of the conscious body into the sphere of total being, universal identity and unconditional love.


Eva, Solicitor, 40

The Embodiment groundwork and exercises used in this physically drilled training are derived from the teachings and practises of body-mind integration pioneers such as Kristin Linklater (Voice), Mabel Elsworth Todd (Release Technique, Dance), Roy Hart Theatre (Voice), Ruth Zaporah (Improvisation, Physical Theatre), Jerzy Grotowski (Actor Training), Tadashi Suzuki (Actor Training), Gabrielle Roth (5Rhythms, Dance), Sanford Meisner (Actor Training) and most noticeably Josh Pais (Actor Training).


The Body-Mind Honouring Experience core principle is that the body is self-sustaining to restore its natural flow of life and well-being comes from within: well-being can be attained by the Intimate Self’s own means. How do you start doing that? By getting over yourself: by riding the waves of uncertainty that is ever present in each moment you breathe in and breathe out you learn to integrate in your body whatever arises within. You can't escape uncertainty as it is part of the natural flow of life, but you can escape the relentless chattering of your judgmental mind that in essence is telling you one repetitive line: "I am not good enough".


Breathing through the discomfort of the unknown teaches you that your mind is not the only authority in charge, nor do your thoughts, emotions or feelings define on their own who you are. By embracing uncertainty you accept everything and deny nothing that's going on inside of you and as a result you come alive! Your wholesome being enhances you instead of holding you back.


One of my teachers, Sten Rudstrom, puts it beautifully from the point of view of improvisation practice.





António Damásio

The training on offer is not about getting brainy or intellectual but it's for you to become aware of what you feel in your body with an inquisitive and with an attention to detail mind: to listen to your body through a stream of consciousness. It's letting the body feeling express itself. It's letting body and mind interplay. It's getting into the physical sensations of the feeling as a pathway to letting you hear your body talking.

This physically driven process can be done either with or without touch. With touch it becomes conscious touch or Embodied Touch. I follow a model of touch called The Wheel of Consent through which you can learn to receive embodied touch in two distinctive ways. The way we all are familiar with when receiving a massage: the Other serves you her or his gift of touch and you accept (or receive) it. However, there is a revolutionary way of receiving touch which is touching the other person for your own pleasure not them: you take (or receive) the gift of touch from the Other who allows you to touch her or him as your heart's desires want but within their previously agreed boundaries.

Please notice that this practise is NOT about 'spiritual healing' or guided specifically towards enlightenment. Hopefully, through regular and mindful embodiment practises we naturally integrate mind, body and spirit in a way that transcendence or expansion happens spontaneously, and not inducively, e.g., by manipulative means of 'spiritual sex' or of taking either natural or artificial medicines. I invoke enlightenment here as a medium of awareness to spirit: as a counterbalance to the illusion of how much we can get from the material world; as a way of freeing, releasing, growing or of letting go of - identity, body, gender, ego, the Other (particularly the other you profoundly love); and of universal connectedness between all human souls.




Susan, Women's Health Services, 44




The Body-Mind Honouring Experience is offered in three different time slots:


  • One-hour Session: £90


  • One-hour and a half Session: £120


  • Two-hour Session: £150


I also offer fully-clothed and non-sexualised Cuddling sessions: one-hour (£80), one-hour and a half (£100) and two-hour (£120) time slots.


A 20% discount will apply if three bookings are made within four weeks. This discount will only be applied when the third session takes place.


For outcalls please add a £30 fee. Please contact me for details.


Concessions are available if you cannot afford the above fees. Please contact me for details.


To book a session a 50% deposit is required alongside you agreeing to The Body-Mind Honouring Experience terms that will be sent to you by e-mail. Payments are made either by cash, bank transfer to my account, cheque or PayPal. Paypal is the only way you can pay by credit card but the transaction fees will be passed onto to you. If you book a session and cancel it within 48 hours of the session date I reserve the right to keep the 50% deposit.

Yes, this work is significantly influenced by the lifelong academic studies and/or clinical / bodywork practises of, amongst other, Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), David Bercelli (TRE - Tension, Stress and Trauma Release), Susan Aposhyan (Body-Mind Psychotherapy), Joseph Kramer (Sacred Intimacy) and, in particular, Francine Zerfas (Voice & Tremoring), Kate Hilder (Improvisation), Josh Pais (Committed Impulse), John Hawken (Tantra), Anodea Judith (Chakra Therapy) and Betty Martin (The Wheel of Consent).


This one-to-one training can be seen as a complementary therapy if your eyes want to see it as a therapy, but I would rather prefer if you approach it as a Breathwork / Voicework / Improvisation / Acting class - to act as a means to tell your embodied truth and not to pretend -  meets a Chakra Therapy-inspired session meets an Anusara-or-Kundalini inspired Yoga class meets a TRE/Tremoring-inspired session meets a learning to receive Embodied Touch class meets a Amma Fusion/Myofascial Release-inspired massage meets a Tantra/Taoist-inspired massage, all customised to your intention and needs. Therapeutic by-products will obviously result from this experiential training but if you really, really want to see it as therapy maybe it is best you see a specialised therapist in the area where your concerns lie.


Finally, this training is highly recommended for actors, artists, writers, public speakers, teachers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and for anyone that wants to speak the truth from the core of who they are and unleash their creative power. Yes, it is also recommended for the physical types, e.g., yogis, dancers, gym goers, etc. My humble observation is that even a regular Yoga practise on itself has a limited transformational power. To transform you got to go deeper, to a verbally integrated cognition of what's going on inside your body.

To experience Mindful Embodiment within an intention of explicitly sensual or sexual Integrated Intimacy please find out more about it here.