Mindful Embodiment of the Intimate Self

for Integrated Sensual Awakening & Sexual Healing


with Fernando Kalliope

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How would your inner Goddess express in you? By a deep acceptance of who you are today, the uniquely beautiful you, as you are here and now? By a slow moving expansion into a space of empowerment whereby you feel returning to the innocence of your sexuality? By fully embodying and gently stripping the armour of those feelings of fear, anger, guilt and shame until they dissolve into the unapologetically authentic and wholesome you? Or by surrendering into a profound state of relaxation that lifts you up to sky dancing on cloud number nine?




Amanda Charchian, Photographer & Film Maker


Guy Blakeslee, Musician

You have landed down in an earthy, heart-centred, safe and reverent place. You're Home, this is About You! What follows is a testimonial about Beverliy's experience:




The Goddess has an untold count of names and can be found in virtually every culture, religion and spiritual tradition around the world. No matter what your ethnic or cultural background is, the Goddess within you can always be called upon. The Goddess has an infinite number of faces and body shapes, each one being a distinctive reflection of Her divinity. No matter what your appearance is, the Goddess within you is always beach body ready.

No matter what your biologic sex is or was and what your sexual orientation is, if the identity you see reflected in the mirror is predominantly female then The Goddess Honouring Experience as offered here can always be for you. Otherwise, if you feel you want to try it as a predominantly male being you are most welcome too - and if you like, you may replace the word 'Goddess' for 'Warrior of Love'.


Thank you for taking the time to know About You & The GHE inquiring meanings. Whether you are a woman or a man and whether you might feel that The Goddess Honouring Experience is or isn't for you, please go to the Mindful Embodiment webpage.

What is Mindful? Is it to be conscious, thoughtful, gentle and non-ecstatic?

What is Embodiment? Is it to be deeply grounded and centred in your body, open to breathe and process sensations, feelings, emotions and thoughts through your body? Is it to live inside out of your body as opposed to surviving locked in your head?

What is Empowerment? Is it to breathe deeply and feel fully alive in your body so that everything else follows or comes from this state of aliveness, awareness, empowerment and wholeness? Is it to communicate from the heart what you want and desire?

What is the Intimate Self? Is it all the love, vulnerability, willingness, sacredness and grace you have inside you? Is it the expression of these intrinsic qualities that empower you to live the full potential of your life, whether on your own, in an existing relationship or in a new relationship?

What is Integrated? Is it to integrate mind, body and spirit as an interconnected pathway to transformation and healing?

What is Sensual Awakening? Is it to engage on an experiential journey within, of embodied intimacy, made of exquisite sensuality and bliss, interconnecting your heart and sex, letting the deeply felt sensations or feelings ripple and free flow through the whole of your profoundly relaxed body, as tasting for the first time the nectar of rapturous freedom and life?

What is Sexual Healing? Is it to mindfully return to your sacred inner space by reclaiming your sense of power and by learning to (re)set boundaries? Is it to re-awaken your body in order to feel deep pleasure, to experience and learn to let those deep sensations and feelings move through your body? Is it to increase your self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-compassion and plausibly self-forgiveness too? Is it to finally surrender to a full, complete and deep capacity for intimate sexual pleasure, thus fully embracing your Sacred Intimate Self?

What is Sacred? Is it to be worthy and receive the fine detailed attention and tender loving care you absolutely deserve? Is it to strongly feel there is something uniquely special about your sexual body, which is in fact of an inherently divine nature and much worthy of your supreme esteem, as to embody your sexual intimacy it is much a distinguished act of love?

What is the Sacred Intimate Self? Is it to be the sensual or sexual being you are, or to explore and express the sensual or sexual being you want to be, that is true and honouring to the Self?


How to notice, trust, emancipate and nourish your Sacred Intimate Self? Who are you living your Sacred Intimacy life for? You? Who then better than your open-hearted and loving self to create and live your own real-life love stories?